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Written by Emil Hodzovic
Eating out is often considered off limits when it comes to dieting or losing fat however when done properly it should be part of the experience and this is what we teach within the Project Revitalization community.
Eating out and the social aspect especially, is a fundamental part modern life and therefore required, in our opinion to make the dieting process sustainable.
Despite this calories are king and eating out CAN make it more difficult to keep a lid on your intake. Whether you are tracking or not these techniques will make meals out part of your routine and stop you derailing with a single poorly planned restaurant meal.

Here, the team from Project Revitalization are going to give you their favourite tips for how to manage and fit these social occasions in working hard to change your life.
Effie says: I like to fast in the day prior to a meal out. This works especially well if you are one of those people who don’t get hungry in the morning. I occasionally have a protein shake or some lean protein (beef jerky is great) especially if I’m training but either way this means that I have more calories to play with and therefore more freedom to eat what I like! Another trick is to borrow calories or balance your intake over a week. This basically means eating a little less on certain days to allow you to eat a little more on others. An easy way to implement this is to eat slightly lower Monday to Friday when you are in work and in your routine and then have extra leeway to enjoy a meal out on Saturday.
Emil says: When it comes to the meal itself there are a few things you can do. I tend to pick either starter and main or main and dessert. I will then always order a side salad and I often get rid of any bread at the table before hand especially if it looks a bit stale. It’s so easy to eat crappy food just because you are hungry. The basic principle here is to enjoy good food and not bother with food which you are not fussed about. This means more good food and less eating simply to ‘fill up’. I like to call this the “pleasure per calorie”. Food should be nutritious and pleasurable and it can certainly be both!
Bonus Tip:
Eat slowly. Close your eyes prior to your first mouthful. Savour the smell, the texture and only then the taste. It’s often said that the first 2 or 3 mouthfuls are the most flavoursome of any meal before your taste buds desensitise so enjoy them the most and you’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable a whole meal can become when you really slow down to savour it instead of wolfing it down.
This delay in eating also allows your body to notice that it’s full. Hormones and fullness signals will kick in and if you’re eating mindfully as well you will notice that you are full and be able to stop yourself!
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